Improving the health status of all.

Welcome to Central Area Health Education Center, Inc.
Hartford, Connecticut

The mission of Central Area Health Education Center, Inc. (AHEC) is to eliminate health disparities among diverse populations of central Connecticut by providing and coordinating programs that improve the health status of all. Click on our programs and services listed below:

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Health Education

Health Careers Exploration

Health Care Services

Health Education Health Careers Health Services
  • Advocate for public policies and practices that promote healthy lifestyles and healthy communities.
  • Apply best practices from the national AHEC network to address community health care issues and opportunities.
  • Provide individuals and community groups with opportunities to learn about health care in ways that promote lifestyle changes.
  • Promote interest in and knowledge of the health care field among elementary, middle, high school, and college students.
  • Work cooperatively with community health and academic organizations to create programs that train students to work in health care professions that focus on underserved populations.
  • Educate present and future providers of health care and their communities.
  • Improve the population’s access to culturally competent providers of high quality health services.
  • Increase the representation of ethnic and racial minorities in the health care professions.
  • Increase access to quality primary and preventive health care for ethnic and racial minorities, and other underserved populations.
  • Build the capacity of partner organizations through technical assistance in the areas of strategic planning, needs assessment, social research, resource identification, and program evaluation.
  • Focus health care spending on areas that measurably improve the quality of care and provide preventive resources.
  • Assess the health status and service needs of our communities.
  • Link care providers and service agencies on collaborative initiatives to address identified needs.